Modular, multi caliber, baffleless flowthrough sound suppressors – new generation controlled gas flow technology.

Silent Steel suppressors deliver an unsurpassed combination of sound suppression, muzzle flash reduction and dust signature mitigation without increased blowback.

Controlled gas flow technology minimizes the exposure to toxic gases and gunblast exposure.


The Streamer delivers the optimal balance between low backpressure, very good sound suppression, moderate size and weight.

Compact Streamer

The compact model was developed to deliver good performance in a very small form factor. Reduced sound signature and zero muzzle flash in 15 cm overall length.

Micro Streamer

For customers who want to have a rifle that is as short and light as possible we developed our Streamer Micro, which almost delivers the feel of a muzzle break, but still reduces the sound and flash signature significantly.


Gen 3 suppressors


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