About us

Silent Steel is a finnish producer of weapon parts and accessories. The products are designed to suit the requirements of different customer segments: sportsmen, hunters, law enforcement officers and military.
The founder and personnel of the company have broad experience in firearms design and production. The continuous end-users’ feedback allows us to understand better the needs of operators and the directions of product improvement and development. Certain features of our products have been suggested and engineered with the assistance of SWAT teams personnel.

Silent Steel Oy is a member of AFDA, Association of Finnish Defence and Aerospace Industries.

All Silent Steel products has been designed, developed or manufactured under a management system
certified by Bureau Veritas against ISO 9001:2015.

Bureau Veritas Certification certificate number FI008066

ISO 9001


Each year several hunters, conscripts and sport shooters suffer from tinnitus and other problems with their hearing. A great part of these problems are resulting from the exposure to noise from small arms fire without adequate hearing protection. Many of these hearing problems could have been avoided with the proper use of firearm suppressors.
As the muzzle report of a rifle caliber weapon may exceed sound pressure level of over 160 dB in the vicinity of the weapon, it poses a clear health hazard to the hearing of the shooter and everyone else in the proximity. With rifle caliber weapons a suppressor can be used to decrease the peak sound levels to 140 dB* and below, which is considered as a limit when an impulsive sound produces hearing damage.
*U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Silent Steel solutions and innovations

Silent Steel has done a lot of research and development in area of gas operated self loading guns and suppressors. New innovative structure allows gases and pressure to stream through the suppressor and lets the gas vent out and away from the muzzle.

The structure of the Silent Steel Streamer family is something new on the market. There are no baffles which will stop the gases inside the suppressor and cause higher backpressures and other problems. The gases are forced to rotate inside the suppressor to maximize the distance that gasses are travelling inside the suppressor. The centrifuge effect will keep that gases rotating inside the tube and cooling down as much as possible before exiting the suppressor from the ventilation holes at the front of the suppressor. Gases are also forced to collide inside the suppressor to prevent hot gases behind the bullet to exit from the bullet channel.

The new revolutionary controlled gas flow technology of the Silent Steel suppressors was patented 2022.

Advantages of Silent Steel Streamer suppressors:

• Very good sound and flash suppression
• Modular and multi caliber construction
• Compact size and simple structure
• No back pressure and toxic blowback to operators direction
• Minimal increase in bolt velocity. High bolt velocity can cause
malfunctions and gun break
• Decreased recoil and muzzle rise
• No significant increase in rate of full automatic fire
• No increased weapon fouling
• Easy to disassemble for maintenance
• Serviceable, all parts can be changed
• No gas regulation or other changes needed to weapon.
• Patented technology