A Silent Steel Safe Blank Firing Adapter (S-BFA) can withstand 2-4 accidentally fired live rounds, depending on the type of ammunition used.

The Safe Blank Firing Adapter (S-BFA) is equipped with a safety relief valve. This high-pressure safety valve is designed to protect the user and the weapon against overpressure caused by accidentally fired live rounds.

The back pressure can be adjusted to ensure reliable cycling with different types of blank ammunition and various barrel lengths. A yielding structure will absorb the energy of a live bullet, which will prevent damage to the barrel thread.

Technical Specifications:

Material: Stainless Steel
Surface treatment: Cerakote (yellow or orange)
Weight: 270g
Diameter: 30mm
Lenght: 90mm


Available for 5.56 caliber

Compatible with Silent Steel A1, A2 and 5-prong Gen 2 flash hiders.

More info:

Taper mount at the front of the Silent Steel QD muzzle muzzle device together with heat resistant o-ring locks and effectively seals the BFA keeping the mounting surfaces and thread clean from carbon buildup.

Patent pending

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