Heavy Streamer

Heavy Streamer is strong and robust heavy duty suppressor. Heavy Streamer is designed for magnum caliber self loading rifles and belt fed machineguns.

A common problem using traditional baffle suppressors in machinegun has been high firing rates caused by increased backpressure. Too high firing rates causes common problems like malfunctions, increased gun wear and even gun damage. Also the smoke and toxic gases to operators direction has made shooting a suppressed machine gun unpleasant and even impossible.

Silent Steel Heavy Streamer is using same patented controlled gas flow technology as Silent Steel Streamer rifle suppressors. The increase of firing rate is very small and no gases are pushed back to operators direction. Shooting a machine gun suppressed with Heavy Streamer makes the shooting easy. Gun is in control, even with long bursts, since the recoil of the machine gun is more calm. Shooting is more accurate and fire more effective. All the gases, smoke and pressure are directed forward which makes the position of the machine gun operator harder to spot.

Machinegun suppressors gets very hot and heat expansion of steel might cause twisting and bending of the suppressor body. Loosing accuracy with hot suppressor has been one of the common problems. The free float suppression unit of the Heavy Streamer can expand freely inside the suppressor body. Heavy Streamer will not affect on accuracy even if suppressor is glowing red.

Technical Specifications:

Length: 195 mm
(added length after flash hider: 138 mm)
Diameter: 48 mm
Weight: 710 g
Material: 303 stainless steel
Finishing: Cerakote (Magpul FDE, Magpul OD Green, Armor Black)
Calibers available: 5.56mm, 7.62mm

Patented 2022

Threads available:

Quick detach to Silent Steel machinegun flash hider

MG Flash hider threads:
24/32″x24 Fn Mag (M240) and FN Minimi (M249)
M14x1 PKM

Gasflow/taperlock. Suppressor thread tightens automatically when shooting. Fast revolving gases inside the suppressors creates rotational force keeping the suppressor firmly seated. Taper mount at the front of the Silent Steel MG muzzle device together with lock ring (ambco copper alloy) effectively seals the suppressor, keeping the mounting surfaces and thread clean from carbon buildup.

Measured firing rates:

FN Mag (M240)

Sellier& Bellot 308 Bulk
W/O suppressor 610 rounds/minute
With Heavy Streamer 650 rounds/minute

GGG 308
W/O suppressor 759 rounds/minute
With Heavy Streamer 805 rounds/minute


Flowthrough design
Sound suppression 15-23 dB
Serviceable – can be easily disassembled for cleaning and all parts can be changed
Service tools available
Caliber can changed by changing the suppression unit
No minimum barrel length restrictions
Freefloat suppression unit. No bending and twisting when hot
No harmful toxic gases to shooters face and lungs
No increased weapon fouling
Full-auto rated with stainless steel body – Simple structure with advanced heat management
Passes the SOCOM stress test cycles
Recoil management – No significant increase in bolt velocity
Flash suppression – Controlled gas flow technology and rapid gas flow cooling eliminates virtually all flash.


Minimal and repeatable point of impact change. Streamer’s use direct thread mount with taper lock. This design is least affected with POI shift because the suppressor indexes at the same point when mounted and remounted every time. Streamer’s design inside the suppressor is symmetrical. The bullet travelling through the suppressor is affected by gas pressure symmetrically from all directions which keeps the bullet trajectory always the same. In most cases point of impact shift is 1-4 cm and straight down (100m).

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