Mini Streamer

New Silent Steel Mini Streamer can be customized by user in terms of length, weight, and sound. User can adjust the number of baffles to shape the overall length when size is more important than sound performance.

The Mini Streamer can be disassembled for cleaning and all parts can be changed.

Technical Specifications:

Length: 170 mm (8 baffles)
Diameter: 34 mm
Weight: 190 g
Material: 7075 aluminum
Finishing: black anodizing
Caliber: 22LR / 17HMR

Threads available:

1/2″x28 UNEF

Measured sound pressure** (LCPeak) 1m right from the barrel:

Ruger Mark II

SK Standard
Without suppressor: 152dB
4 baffles: 132dB
6 baffles: 127dB
7 baffles: 125dB
8 baffles: 116dB

CCI Blazer
8 baffles: 120dB

Eley Subsonic:
8 baffles: 118dB


Sound suppression 25-35 dB
Modular construction.
Serviceable – can be easily disassembled. All parts can be changed. Holes on the baffles are for 32mm pin wrench (not included) if baffles are tight.
Suppressor pouch included


Minimal and repeatable point of impact change.

* Caliber and barrel lenght affects the result. See the measured results.
** Measured with Norsonic 131 Class 1 (precision) sound level meter and Gras 1/4″ microphone.

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