Silent Steel Safe-Guard is a heat shield for the Silent Steel Streamer family of suppressors.

The heat shield will protect the user and gear against burns and it is a thermal insulator and signature reduction device that mitigates negative visible mirage effects.

The air gap between the carbon fiber outer hull and the suppressor will prevent heat from transferring from the suppressor to the heat shield. When shooting, the gun blast pressure will suck air from the venting holes at the back of the cover. The design allows high volumes of cooling airflow across the can which will cool down the suppressor and heat shield. Low thermal transfer materials will not get so hot that the Safe-Guard would burn gear or melt gloves when detaching the hot suppressor from the barrel.

The Safe-Guard is very light but still impact and heat resistant, capable of withstanding suppressor temperatures exceeding 600°C for short periods of time.

Technical Specifications:

Diameter: 55mm
Weight: Micro 115g, Compact 125g, Streamer 165g
Material: carbon fibre and steel.
Surface treatment: cerakote and nitriding


Measured temperatures:

AR15 16″barrel. Compact Flow Streamer. Sellier & Bellot 62gr. Outside temperature 0°C

Starting temperature
Suppressor: 10°C
Safe-Guard: 7°C

1st magazine (30 rounds, 3 shot/sec)
Suppressor: 120°C
Safe-Guard: 10°C

2nd magazine (30 rounds, 3 shot/sec)
Suppressor: 220°C
Safe-Guard: 30°C

3rd magazine (30 rounds, 3 shot/sec)
Suppressor: 400°C
Safe-Guard: 68°C

4th magazine (30 rounds, 3 shot/sec)
Suppressor: 520°C
Safe-Guard: 117°C

More info:

The Safe-Guard is compatible with all Quick Detach (QD) Streamer family suppressors (Streamer, Compact Streamer and Micro Streamer).

The Safe-Guard is attached to suppressor with locking screws.
Note: The locking screws will leave a round mark on cerakote surface.

Colors available:

Armor Black Cerakote
Magpul OD Green Cerakote
Magpul FDE Cerakote

Safe-Guard is delivered with a storage pouch. The pouch is made from non melting materials and hot suppressor with Safe-Guard can be stored in the pouch.

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